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This jam is sweet and fruity, with comforting spicy undertones. Makes a great food gift at Christmas.

Recipe by: Rachel Dobbs

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This is a wonderfully festive cake, perfect for Christmas. It does require some planning ahead as the mix needs to sit overnight before baking.

Recipe by: Carol

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A great way to prepare the Christmas ham, with pineapple and cloves and honey. Because it is pre-sliced it is easier to serve.

Recipe by: MIKAZUKI

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An amazing and surprising way to prepare the Christmas ham! This main dish will receive applause for its beautiful presentation as well as the irresistible flavour.


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This is a great recipe if you can find a whole ham which has been spiral cut. It's not super salty and the flavours are fantastic.

Recipe by: Christy

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For a more tart flavor in this delicious non-alcoholic punch substitute cranberry juice for the cran-apple juice.

Recipe by: Hdna Hoffman

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This is a pudding that should be served at Christmas and it makes a nice alternative from a normal sponge trifle.

Recipe by: RedChowDawg

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A simple, sweet glaze for cooked ham - pineapples and brown sugar. The cherries are optional but I suppose traditional!

Recipe by: Jackie Smith

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Sliced ham served with an amazing sauce. Be sure not to overcook the ham. Enjoy all the xmas kisses when your loved ones finish licking their lips :)

Recipe by: Maccinote

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I love how this glazed ham looks with whole slices of fresh pineapple attached to it. The leftovers are great too and can be served with fresh pineapple.

Recipe by: Navy Wife

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