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This is a delicious dessert with some of the flavour and texture of cheesecake. It's very easy to make and perfect for summer.

Recipe by: Glenda

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Here's an impressive dessert to try: fresh pineapple sautéed in dark rum, orange liqueur and brown sugar, then flambéed. It's sure to be greeted with applause.

Recipe by: Elaine Russell


With the help of amaretti biscuits and canned pineapple, this quick dessert takes only minutes to prepare.

Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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Use plain yogurt for the yogurt cream. It will derive its citrusy flavour from the orange juice, peel and liqueur.

Recipe by: Lynn Lewis


A very easy dessert that doesn't take a lot of effort to prepare but tastes really good. If you are short of time, don't worry about soaking the marshmallows, but it tastes better if you do.

Recipe by: laridae

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This is so easy and guests love it. The brandy adds a special flavour although rum works well too. Quite nice with ice cream or sorbet.

Recipe by: sweettooth

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Grilled pineapple and citrus fruits with a buttered sugar coating. What could be a more simple, yet indulgent dessert!

Recipe by: Dianemwj

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Fresh pineapple chunks, orange segments and slices of banana are sweetened with a maple-rum dressing and topped with toasted flaked almonds in this dessert salad.

Recipe by: Lynn Lewis


You know whats it's like....munchies..raided the cupboard for a sweet fix which is a very rare occasion - I'm a savoury person... no doubt once you make this you will never go back. Its the best tummy filler before you go to bed. you will wake up wanting it for breakfast.....hehe enjoy

Recipe by: jazzyazz


This is a tasty pineapple based pudding recipe that is like a bread and butter pudding with eggs, milk and breadcrumbs. Serve with cream or custard.

Recipe by: Lynne

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