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This is a delicious dessert with some of the flavour and texture of cheesecake. It's very easy to make and perfect for summer.

Recipe by: Glenda

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Very simple yet moist cake. Crushed pineapple accents the cake which is covered in a buttery, creamy syrup.

Recipe by: Suzanne Stull

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A wonderfully moist pineapple fruit cake, very simple to make and great for a summer picnic, or for guest with tea or coffee.

Recipe by: Carol

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This cake will remind you of a pina colada because of the pineapple, the rum glaze that soaks partially into the cake and glazes over the top and sides and the toasted coconut that tops it all off!

Recipe by: JZPHSMOM

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Pineapple walnuts and cinnamon team up for a winning combination. The icing is optional, the cake is pretty good without it!

Recipe by: Deborah Westbrook


This is my pineapple filling for cakes but you could use it for trifles, sponges or just about any dessert.

Recipe by: Traci Poole

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A delicious double decker sponge cake that is separated with a layer of cherry jam and topped with rings of juicy pineapple and glace cherries.

Recipe by: Pasta-maria

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A wonderful cake of different flavours and textures - coconut and pineapple give it a tropical feel. The biscuit crumbs add a nice sweetness.

Recipe by: Suzanne Stull


This classic if slightly retro cake is best made the day before serving. It has a very nice presentation.

Recipe by: Nancy

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This cake is also known as Jamaica Cake. The cake is made right in the pan; no extra dishes to mess up and very good.

Recipe by: Connie Galloway

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