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Make this when quinces are around, this paste is a great addition to a cheese tray. It goes particularly well with the stronger and sharper cheeses.

Recipe by: Gilles

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Perfect on a warm day, a tangy sandwich that will kick your tastebuds back to life!

Recipe by: traff

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This recipe comes from my Aunty Sue, and I blame her for getting me addicted to fresh rice paper rolls. They're such a healthy alternative to some other Asian dishes and lots of fun to make together around the table for dinner. This recipe maximises the flavour of the rolls by omitting the rice vermicilli that rice paper rolls are often stuffed with as a filler.

Recipe by: chorazy

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This is one of my favourite starters. Smoked salmon on a cracker with cream cheese, sliced red onion and capers. This is a great afternoon snack a gourmet entree.

Recipe by: JuliettevanSon

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