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A light, easy and non-alcoholic eggnog.

Recipe by: sal

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This is a nice recipe all year around but seems really good at Christmas when the chocolate and brandy really match the season's flavours.

Recipe by: Pink

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Chai, a milky spiced tea that originated in India, is suddenly everywhere. It's easy to brew your own blend of this warming drink, and you can customise the amounts of spices to meet your tastes.

Recipe by: Patsy Jamieson, Diane Temple

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Some people enjoy these delicious butters and sauces even more than the Christmas pudding(recipe on this website) itself.

Recipe by: Lynn Cole


If you want to make an adult version of this punch you can substitute white wine for the apple juice.

Recipe by: Susann

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A very easy but very tasty double hot chocolate and easy to make by heating the milk in the microwave.

Recipe by: Sophie


My Nanna gave me this recipe and can be used to make chocolate truffles or rum balls. For chocolate truffles just omit the rum and add vanilla essence instead.

Recipe by: klazzy


This drinking chocolate tastes so luxurious and is made from the simplest of ingredients. Use a best quality dark chocolate bar for this, preferably with at least 70% cocoa solids.

Recipe by: HeartHandGrenade

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The tart flavour of fresh cranberries with a hint of orange. It's great with roast turkey or ham at Christmas time or with desserts as well.

Recipe by: Toni

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These popular snack fruits are outstanding sources of vitamin C; they also supply folate and fibre as well as flavonoids, which are cancer-fighting compounds.

Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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