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These Dutch cookies also known as Jan Hagels are a favourite at Christmas. They only have a few ingredients and are simple to make but they are just delicious!

Recipe by: Robin

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These cookies are called 'kulkuls' in India and are a sweet treat made at Christmas. In India they use a special form to make them but you can do it with a fork for ease.

Recipe by: Louella


This is a simple recipe that you can build on and make heaps of different cookies from - like lemon, orange or chocolate chip - see my tips below. You can also keep the dough in the fridge or freezer for extra quick cookies!

Recipe by: sal_here


Soft and chewy inside with a delicious crispy edge. So scrummy-yummy.

Recipe by: LunaandWillow

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Have fun with cookie cutters and different colours of decorating sugar making these perfect Christmas cookies. It's a fun project for kids to join in.

Recipe by: Cathie


I love making these cookies to get into the Christmas spirit. Great for work treats and loved by kids and adults alike.

Recipe by: chilechicken


I have been making these melt-in-your mouth shortbread cookies for over 40 years. The are so easy and simple to make. Instead of the cherries, you can use sprinkles, half an almond or half a cashew on top of cookies before baking. A thumbprint in the cookie, filled with your choice of jam is also very tasty!

Recipe by: Unclebill


These cookies are by far better than store brought. My husband takes these to work for break time, and says they are too good to share!!

Recipe by: princess_pastries


Very soft and delicious.. When i make them they don't even have time to cool down

Recipe by: joojii


The almond and lemon flavours in this traditional German christmas cookie have a very festive feel and make wonderful christmas gifts and snacks.

Recipe by: KNF82

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