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These cookies are called 'kulkuls' in India and are a sweet treat made at Christmas. In India they use a special form to make them but you can do it with a fork for ease.

Recipe by: Louella


Soft and chewy inside with a delicious crispy edge. So scrummy-yummy.

Recipe by: LunaandWillow


I love making these cookies to get into the Christmas spirit. Great for work treats and loved by kids and adults alike.

Recipe by: chilechicken


Another great cookie cutting project to share with the kids. Once cooled, you can ice them, add sprinkles, dust with icing sugar or simply dip them in melted white chocolate. (They need 2 hrs refrigeration time before rolling out)

Recipe by: Linda

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These sweet sugar cookies have a vanilla biscuit base and are topped with a vanilla flavoured icing. By cutting out shapes and dying the icing they are very fun.

Recipe by: Kate

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