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This old fashioned rusk pudding is a good way to use stale bread. A kind of baked custard pudding flavoured with a grated lemon rind and sugar then baked in the oven.

Recipe by: The Walters


A very easy recipe, made in minutes and tastes really good. My grandchildren love it!

Recipe by: Wenya

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Sweet summer fruits make a luxurious addition to an everyday favourite – a great classic that makes a warming and original finish to a dinner party. This reciupe makes four individual puddings.

Recipe by: Pat Alburey

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This is a great savoury baked meal with similar ingredients to meatballs - beef and bread crumbs, wine and garlic. It's a great way to use day-old bread.

Recipe by: amanda1432


This is a tasty pineapple based pudding recipe that is like a bread and butter pudding with eggs, milk and breadcrumbs. Serve with cream or custard.

Recipe by: Lynne


An easy Bread and Butter Pudding recipe. You can use plain white bread or a mix of any leftover bread and it will still give the same warm winter comfort food effect. Use whatever dried fruit you like - e.g. dried apricots, dates, prunes, sultanas, raisins, currants.

Recipe by: maryanne1

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This simple bread and butter pudding recipe is a classic. Using eggs, milk and buttered bread, with a sprinkle of dried fruit, this yummy pudding is ready in no time.

Recipe by: Dotty1

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This is like a fancier version of bread and butter pudding using brioche bread, apricot conserve and a little brandy.

Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

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Got any leftover stale croissants? This is a lovely bread pudding with dried fruit, raisins, spice and a touch of orange. Serve with ice cream.

Recipe by: kate

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This is like a bread and butter pudding but uses chocolate croissants. Makes a decadent dessert or brunch dish in winter.

Recipe by: elevenses

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