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This is a wonderful hot lunch somewhat similar to the American dish called 'sloppy joes' or an Australian savoury mince roll. Easy and good!

Recipe by: Teri Denlinger

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You'll be amazed something so simple tastes so good. Serve on top of rice, with mashed potatoes or even on a slice of white bread!

Recipe by: LORIEANN29

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Super quick and easy beef mince in tomato based sauce with potato and carrots. Great for when you get home from work late and everyone is hungry.

Recipe by: giddygert


A quick and easy meal, that goes great with pita and noodles.

Recipe by: emrocks

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Beef or lamb meatballs are seasoned with garlic, cumin and cinnamon and simmered in a tomato sauce for a lovely dinner.

Recipe by: DavidM

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Very quick & easy flavoursome meal.

Recipe by: PeterRae


Very simple, quick and tasty. I always prepare this when my English family visits. Lovely served with bread and a fresh lettuce salad.

Recipe by: anoukdoe

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Mince is combined with tomatoes, onion and garlic to create a simple, cheap and tasty meal that is good for families.

Recipe by: Keri

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This is a hearty and slightly spicy bake with beef mince, paprika and vegetables. Great with a glass of red wine!

Recipe by: amanda1432


Mince like you have never tasted it before! Serve with pasta or mashed potato or you can use it as a pie filling.

Recipe by: HJS100

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