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I remember this style of toffee from my childhood, this is the hard style toffee that you can suck on for hours, not the now common chewy stuff.

Recipe by: Tammie


Beetroot is not for everyone but this recipe might change a few minds! I like to serve it with lamb burgers and garlic aioli.

Recipe by: Alimay

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This chutney or relish is quick and easy as it uses cranberry sauce from a jar. It's a blend of spiced apple, cranberry, apricots and raisins and is delicious. It does taste better after it has chilled for at least 3 hours.

Recipe by: sal


Try experimenting with simple home ingredients to make your own barbecue sauces. Adds fun to any barbecue.

Recipe by: Debi K


Classic hummus made with chickpeas, onion, tahini, garlic, lemon, cumin and olive oil - then flavoured and coloured with beetroot.

Recipe by: KIMBERLEE


Couscous is beautifully flavoured in this recipe with chicken stock, cumin and coriander then packed with healthy ingredients like black beans, corn and capsicum.

Recipe by: Paula

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This is a way to make an easy and economical sandwich spread from stew beef. It's excellent at picnics!



This salad has a lovely mix of fruit and vegetables and a little curry powder for some zing. Better if you can make it the day ahead.

Recipe by: Karen L. Baker


Dessert does not get easier than this! Two perfect ingredients, strawberries and dark chocolate. Enjoy!

Recipe by: Colin


This is a lovely tapenade based on chopped dried figs and black olives. You can add a little more balsamic if you like it tangy.

Recipe by: Anne

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