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This salad is a great entree for entertaining. All measurements can be altered to taste. Use bottled roasted capsicums or make your own with this recipe.

Recipe by: Tom Houlahan


Low fat home-made burgers extended with mushrooms for extra taste and fibre. You can grill them instead of frying or - of course - cook them on the barby. A really good way to get fussy kids to eat well! Serves as burgers or as rissoles with veges.

Recipe by: BARBIE24


Delicious salmon patties with Moroccan spices and served with garlic paprika mayonnaise. A great and slightly exotic dinner.

Recipe by: Emily


A delicious, cold, homemade ham and beef sausage was (and still is) a great country standby for family picnics and the picnic races. Serve it, thinly sliced, with potato salad and other salads.

Recipe by: Lynn Cole


You'll be amazed at the difference a little grated apple makes to a chicken burger. Serve with honey mustard.

Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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The best of all salad worlds, a great mix of pasta salad, potato salad and green salad too. Serve warm as an excellent side for fish or even just as a Sunday night dinner on its own.

Recipe by: Michelle

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These corn fritters are great anytime of the day, add/subtract the amount of spicy ingredients to suit you. I've also made these into bite size pieces for finger food at parties.

Recipe by: Mrs. Newlywed


I don't like mayonnaise - so this potato salad doesn't have any. Tastes good either warm or cold.

Recipe by: laridae


These rich crab and prawn cakes are spiced with mustard, Worcestershire sauce and a little cayenne pepper then coated with breadcrumbs and fried until the outside is a crunchy golden brown.

Recipe by: Pat Alburey

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Great when you only have a small amount of a selection of vegetables as you can interchange the ingredients

Recipe by: DaniK

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