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Freeze the bananas before you use them in this drink and you won't need to water the taste down with ice. The blend of bananas, pineapple juice, coconut and rum is fantastic and extra creamy without being gluggy. Cheers!

Recipe by: Jennifer


This is the classic sponge cake sometimes call the Victoria Sponge. You can decorate it or jazz it up any way you like, especially with fruit and whipped cream.

Recipe by: Caroline Victoria

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These corn fritters are great anytime of the day, add/subtract the amount of spicy ingredients to suit you. I've also made these into bite size pieces for finger food at parties.

Recipe by: Mrs. Newlywed


If you don't take kindly to recipes that instruct you to "cream the butter and sugar" then this one's for you! Prepare this cake batter on the's my Aunty Orietta's classic chocolate cake recipe. Delicious!

Recipe by: Linda


These cookies are by far better than store brought. My husband takes these to work for break time, and says they are too good to share!!

Recipe by: princess_pastries


No baking required. It is a family favourite and so easy to prepare. It keeps well in the pantry and also can be frozen. A rich chocolate fix!!

Recipe by: Indygirl


Got some older bananas that need using up but want a change from the usual? This really really yummy recipe is one I modified from a plain banana cake and it is now so popular it gets requested all the time. Best of all it can be done with ease in a food processor (or using a bamix) so it's also really fast to make for a picnic or sudden guests!

Recipe by: Tambaloneus


I recently adapted a recipe for Vegemite Scrolls into a sweet version using chocolate hazelnut spread and coconut. Unfortunately my little Aussie kids do not like Vegemite! They are even sweeter with a little icing drizzled over the top.

Recipe by: Linda


This is a great treat for all ages. Traditional jam drops with rice flour and cinnamon added. Use whatever jam you like.

Recipe by: oOoOLivOoOo

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This is an easy no cook recipe for the children to help with.

Recipe by: Marlz

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