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These corn fritters are great anytime of the day, add/subtract the amount of spicy ingredients to suit you. I've also made these into bite size pieces for finger food at parties.

Recipe by: Mrs. Newlywed


These cookies are by far better than store brought. My husband takes these to work for break time, and says they are too good to share!!

Recipe by: princess_pastries


These are rich chocolate cupcakes with a brownie-like taste and consistency. The pecan nuts are optional.

Recipe by: GINGER P


Got some older bananas that need using up but want a change from the usual? This really really yummy recipe is one I modified from a plain banana cake and it is now so popular it gets requested all the time. Best of all it can be done with ease in a food processor (or using a bamix) so it's also really fast to make for a picnic or sudden guests!

Recipe by: Tambaloneus


great 4 the kids to help with

Recipe by: izabellalyla


The first time I tasted baked ricotta cakes was when I was living near the Gourmet Platter store in Corrimal. Once a week they had tastings of new products and I fell in love with the texture and flavour of their ricotta cakes with ham and capers. The recipe isn't difficult and you'll be surprised how good it tastes. If you spend the time whipping the egg whites you'll find the texture similar to a souffle - llght and fluffy. As Philip said, "Just close your eyes and enjoy."

Recipe by: IllawarraFood


This is such an easy chicken, pumpkin and spinach risotto to make. You can make this with simplicity all in an electric teflon wok!

Recipe by: foodtechnologyteacher

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Homemade pretzels, great for parties. Depending on what you dip them in, they can be fairy wands or witches' sticks!

Recipe by: kandikane

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Yummy sweet treat, can be a bit addictive. Cheap and real easy to make =) Times are estimates...

Recipe by: EzyPeezy

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Yo-Yo melt in your mouth type of Shortbread

Recipe by: bubbly-cook

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