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This salad is a great entree for entertaining. All measurements can be altered to taste. Use bottled roasted capsicums or make your own with this recipe.

Recipe by: Tom Houlahan


Especially for chocolate chip loving kids out there, who can't have eggs or nuts!



My girlfriend and I over the past year have made a wide selection of biscuits. We have tried and tested a whole range of recipes, and this combination of ingredients I adapted and made is by far the best!!!! Definitely for a sweet tooth!!

Recipe by: JIMMI11

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Florentines are flat crispy almond biscuits made from a mix of sugar, cream, butter, almond slivers and mixed fruit. Do not use brown sugar, it contains molasses and changes the taste of the Florentines. For the sultanas, mixed peel and glacé cherries you can use mixed fruit but you still have to have glacé cherries as decoration!



A traditional gingerbread man recipe which comes out of the oven soft and hardens as it cools. A childhood favourite.



Beetroot is not for everyone but this recipe might change a few minds! I like to serve it with lamb burgers and garlic aioli.

Recipe by: Alimay


These are a simple biscuit with a little instant coffee added for a dark and complex flavour. The ideal thing to accompany coffee or tea.

Recipe by: Patty

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A delicious thick and creamy dressing - great for green salads. I also like it on a jacket potato. You can vary the taste by trying different types of vinegar.

Recipe by: Erica Sweet

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A whole chicken that is stuffed with fresh herbs then barbecued over hot coals and moist wood chips, to reach a smoky flavour.

Recipe by: CAJUN MOMMA


This is the classic sponge cake sometimes call the Victoria Sponge. You can decorate it or jazz it up any way you like, especially with fruit and whipped cream.

Recipe by: Caroline Victoria

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