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This Christmas cake keeps very well and stays moist. You can use sherry instead of brandy if you prefer, it changes the taste a little.

Recipe by: Vickie de Vries

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A Christmas fruit cake where you don't soak the fruit beforehand but you do have the option of spooning over a few tablespoons of brandy every week until you are ready to ice and decorate your cake.

Recipe by: Jonathan

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Easiest fruit cake ever.

Recipe by: blindman

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This is a very simple cake to make. I bought my fruit mix and orange juice from the supermarket.

Recipe by: jeay4nz


This is a simple fruit cake especially for people (like me) who are not very organised. It is quick and easy but tastes delicious.

Recipe by: shells68

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This is a great fruit cake that is cooked in a ring tin giving the impression of a wreath. Includes ingredients beyond the standard fruit cake including dates, pineapple and coconut.

Recipe by: Karen D.

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This is a family recipe we make at Christmas. As a nice variant, try adding 1/2 teaspoon almond essence to the icing. Almond and chocolate go so well together!

Recipe by: The Pellettiere's

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A recipe I was given by a friend, it is a great summer Christmas cake or for those who do not like the traditional fruit cakes.

Recipe by: foufee

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I first made this boiled fruitcake recipe for Christmas but now I use it all year round. I have made errors and forgot ingredients and it is very forgiving, I haven't made one I can't eat yet.

Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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This is a wonderful coconut cake with a coconut rice layer. The coconut creamy topping and slivered almonds on top give it a snowy look which makes it nice for Christmas.

Recipe by: Key

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