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Cooking the peas in the roasting pan with the duck ensures that each absorbs a little of the other's complementary flavours.

Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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Kasha is the toasted buckwheat grain. When you buy plain buckwheat then toast it yourself and simmer it in stock, it develops a rich, nutty flavour that works perfectly with chargrilled duck.

Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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This homely, old-fashioned pie is full of good flavours.

Recipe by: Lynn Cole


Don't skip anything or change the ingredients. The most important thing is the hot smoked duck breast AND good home made dark chicken stock.

Recipe by: darrenspooner

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Nothing sets off a celebratory dinner like roast duck; this recipe calls for the duck to be marinated for 12 hours before being gently roasted then grilled to ensure a crisp skin.

Recipe by: babsi_s

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Before landing on it's fluffy steamed vegetable nest, this quail was braised in pancetta, shallots and spumante!

Recipe by: hip_pressure_cooking

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Duck has a thick layer of fat between the skin and the meat. Scoring the skin and cooking out the fat on the BBQ creates a delicious crispy skin and a beautiful Christmas main meal.

Recipe by: TastyFood

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In this attractive salad, full-flavoured shiitake and Swiss brown mushrooms are combined with slices of tender grilled duck, juicy orange segments, colourful pomegranate seeds, crunchy water chestnuts and rice, with a fresh ginger and honey dressing.

Recipe by: Zoë Harpham


Rosemary sprigs and orange in the stuffing, with red wine, redcurrant jelly and orange in the sauce, add piquancy to the richness of the duck.

Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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Duck is a wonderful, full flavoured meat that has a delicious crispy skin when it’s grilled correctly. Try this elegant recipe to impress your Christmas guests without spending the entire day cooking!

Recipe by: TastyFood

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