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Duck is baked in the oven then shredded and served on a simple cucumber, spring onion and red onion salad dressed with sesame oil.

Recipe by: louise


Don't skip anything or change the ingredients. The most important thing is the hot smoked duck breast AND good home made dark chicken stock.

Recipe by: darrenspooner

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I usually serve this delicious crispy duck breast with vegetable and a noodle stir fry. I love the sweet caramelised orange juice and the saltiness from the soy sauce.

Recipe by: crista20

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Cooking duck can be seen as a little daunting but it is super easy with this recipe. Served in a rich sauce including red wine, bacon and mushrooms.

Recipe by: AlastairMcGlashan

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The delicous duck is gently roasted for two hours then served with a rich gravy containing pureed gooseberries.

Recipe by: Maria

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Before landing on it's fluffy steamed vegetable nest, this quail was braised in pancetta, shallots and spumante!

Recipe by: hip_pressure_cooking

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Quail is a very delicate bird and must have a short cooking time otherwise it will be dry and stringy. This is a base recipe to which you can add any kind of sauce instead of the easy one suggested here.

Recipe by: spookylean

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Slow simmered hare pieces that are served in a gravy of its own juices, claret wine, stock and red current jam. A delicious way to enjoy hare.

Recipe by: Dotty1

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Pan-fried duck breast served with a red sauce of plums, strawberries and raspberries. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Duck Breast with Three Red Fruits Video.

Recipe by: Phil

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This is a version of the French 'Duck à l'orange'. The duck is initially fried then dressed in an orange and cream sauce.

Recipe by: Brigitte

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