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This is my favorite winter curry, I take this to work almost every day and it's never let me down.

Recipe by: tpetrie


This recipe works wonders on kangaroo meat, but as an all-purpose recipe it can be used just as easily on beef, lamb, pork and chicken for the same tender results. Kangaroo meat is usually cheaper than other meats and has a rich flavour, but because it is extremely lean it is easy to over cook, becoming tough and dry. The good news is that all these factors make it perfect for curries, and combined with a slow cooker you have a foolproof way to guarantee tenderness.

Recipe by: 5318008

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For something a little different at your next barbecue, try these Indian kebabs which use goat mince. You can substitute lamb, if you must!

Recipe by: pragatim

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If you've never tried goat curry before you are in for a treat. This curry is very warming, richly flavourful and delicious! Great for winter.

Recipe by: Priyanka

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