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Venison is a very lean meat that is often best in a stew. This one contains onions and garlic and is flavoured with Worcestershire sauce and thyme.

Recipe by: BUCHKO


Since rabbit meat has a tendency to be dry, it is best cooked with a creamy sauce as in this coconut cream stew. Absolutely delicious! Serve with white rice.

Recipe by: YAELIE24

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This venison stew is simple and wonderful served over wild rice. You can also use fresh rather than tinned ingredients if you have them.

Recipe by: Sherri


Stewing is the best way to cook rabbit. This recipe has a long slow cooking time to create a rich stew requiring lots of bread to mop up the sauce.

Recipe by: Diana

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This is a hearty stew using venison as the base meat. There are plenty of flavours in the rich sauce including bacon, thyme, red wine and cranberries.

Recipe by: Lilo

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I had always wanted to try venison and then came across this recipe that worked out great. I hope you like it too.

Recipe by: RUTHWARD

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This is an absolutely wonderful stew, well worth making when you can get rabbit. The perfect thing for a gourmet dinner party.

Recipe by: CHERYLG

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You can substitute any meat you like in this spicy stew, but the traditional is rabbit. Serve with rice and a salad. Enjoy!

Recipe by: YAELIE24

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If you are lucky enough to find fresh venison it's divine in this slow cooker recipe with red wine and spices.

Recipe by: BYOUNG1519

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Venison and black beans simmered with onions and bacon in red wine and brown sugar. This also tastes great with any other type of game meat that you may have.

Recipe by: Scotch

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