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Have three times the fun with this east biscuit recipe. Make Choc Chip, Apricot & Coconut & Cashew Nut Biscuits or add your favorites. Sultanas? Macadamia? White Chocolate? Anything that takes your fancy. *Refrigerating the dough overnight helps the dough be very forgiving and pliable when rolling out.

Recipe by: Katch22

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You can never get enough fruit and I love this fruit juice combination. It is great to serve to friends and children too.

Recipe by: kikine2008


If you can get gooseberries or pick your own, try making this classic gooseberry jam. Liquid pectin is a vegan product, derived from apple pectin.



Perfect strawberry jam recipe for beginners that doesn’t use pectin, yet still produces a soft, spreadable and delicious jam.

Recipe by: Katharine

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This is a rather sophisticated dessert that is ideal for your next special dinner. It features lavender and peaches in a homemade sorbet.

Recipe by: The Magpie

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A simple non-stuffed baked apple is served with a delicate homemade custard that uses a fresh vanilla bean pod.

Recipe by: sophia

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Take advantage of mango season to create this awesome dessert - individual mango jellies served with a pineapple and passionfruit fruit salad.

Recipe by: oOoOLivOoOo

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Great for a winter's night - a plum version of an apple crumble. This recipe is about having your own individual bowls but you could make one big crumble.

Recipe by: oOoOLivOoOo


If you grew up watching Gilligan's Island you know that you always wanted to taste Maryanne's coconut cream pie. With either pineapple or banana or mango, something wonderful and tropical about this pie. It is decadent and very tasty.

Recipe by: Katch22

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