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A beautiful mascarpone cheesecake with chocolate and hazelnuts for a special occasion. This is assembled directly on to the serving plates using metal the rings they sell for poaching eggs.

Recipe by: CALL4BUD

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Ground almonds, chopped apple, raisins and cinnamon make a fantastic topping for your favourite pancake recipe. Great for a special breakfast.

Recipe by: MITHA123

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Creamy chocolate butter icing is quick and simple to make and perfect for cakes or cupcakes or muffins.

Recipe by: SaidaBlack


Excellent egg free pancakes, the bananas and buttermilk give body, moisture and taste. Easy to make and they disappear quickly!

Recipe by: sal


This is a Greek style lemon and honey syrup which is usually poured over cakes or baklava. You can also use it as is over pancakes or waffles.

Recipe by: Denise

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A stable citrus cream filling for sponge cakes.

Recipe by: Carol


This is a recipe for fluffy white icing to use on cupcakes. It is dairy free so good for those with special diets.

Recipe by: Karen Davenport

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These are a great idea for an Aussie Halloween and are easy and fun for kids to decorate. Use snakes to place on top of these little chocolate cakes for fun birthday party or Halloween party cakes.

Recipe by: Sarah


These gorgeous little red chocolate cupcakes are perfect for weddings, parties, anything! If you want to ice them try using this fluffy icing recipe.

Recipe by: pinkspoonula


This is a quick and easy no-bake cheesecake with a base made of a mix of digestive and shortbread biscuits.

Recipe by: Jennifer Gurule

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