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There are sandwich fillers, wraps, and toasted sandwich recipes that are ideal for a packed lunch, picnic or healthy school lunch.

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An incredibly easy to make and satisfying lunch wrap. You can also substitute different meats for variation, or try it in a pita bread.

Recipe by: Dan Lisee


Simply delicious, easy to make French bread rolls - perfect for a dinner party or family lunch. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes French Petit Pains Video.

Recipe by: JOCATLIN


Quick and easy, this chicken curry uses a Continental pasta and sauce base with fresh beans and spinach stirred through then finished with cashew nuts.

Recipe by: Continental


A beautiful tender and mouth watering meat casserole, so full of flavour. It forms a juicy and tasty gravy with carrots, celery and onion. Delicious served with boiled rice or couscous. My family couldn't get enough of this and were fighting to book the left over bit for lunch the next day. A real success.

Recipe by: janzjewelz


This baked savoury slice is very nice served with a tossed salad or eaten on its own as a snack. Its a nice addition to school lunches.

Recipe by: MRSCHUCK

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