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    Italian is a great cuisine that is full of great recipes for both savoury and sweet, with dishes like pizza, spaghetti, pesto, risotto, gnocchi and tiramisu.

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    Fish fillets are baked in a Parmesan tomato sauce made with Italian herbs and seasonings, olives, and white wine. Thick firm fish fillets will take longer to bake however they are just as delicious.

    Recipe by: Martin Kaplan

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    Ciabatta is a fantastic slightly sour Italian bread. You don't have to use a baking stone to cook the bread, but I like to.

    Recipe by: Benoit Hogue

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    An Italian recipe known as boniet, this is a tasty spread made from anchovy, parsley and garlic that is normally served with warm crusty bread.

    Recipe by: The Iron Chef -- Suzi-Q

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    Fennel is a great accompaniment to many Italian dishes as it meshes very well with tomato flavours. Here it is simply baked with cream and creme fraiche.

    Recipe by: RUPERTLSSMITH

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    This easy potato, flour and egg recipe is an Italian classic that my family has used for generations.You won't need to buy shop bought gnocchi once you start using this recipe.

    Recipe by: SpicyChick

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    This dish hails from Venice, Italy. Chicken is fried them simmered with oregano, mushrooms and balsamic vinegar.

    Recipe by: CHRISTYJ

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    Authentic Italian-style risotto cooked the slow and painful way, but oh so worth it. Complements bbq meats and chicken dishes very well. Check the rice by biting into it. It should be slightly al dente (or resist slightly to the tooth but not be hard in the centre).

    Recipe by: MYLEEN

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    This is a basic Italian loaf. This recipe makes three loaves, so you can freeze some or give them away to your friends.

    Recipe by: Christine Darrock

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    It's always good to keep some basic tomato pasta sauce in the freezer. You can use it over pasta, in lasagne or on pizza. Delicious and simple.

    Recipe by: GKNEE

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    It's not hard to take shop bought passata and jazz it up with Italian spices like oregano and basil, and just as good as any pizza sauce I know.

    Recipe by: MELHARVEY

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