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    Whether Halloween means a kids party, trick or treating or socialising with your friends we have recipes and fun ideas for cakes, drinks, treats and party food.

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    90 reviews

    These are great at Halloween. I use cake and icing mix to make it quicker but of course you can use your own recipes for these. Watch this recipe being made on Allrecipes Halloween Cupcakes Video.

    Recipe by: Liz Harrison

    1 review

    Sugar, sugar and more sugar, how could you go wrong? Marshmallows are dipped in white chocolate and then a little ghost face is added.

    Recipe by: MumAndMe

    118 reviews

    Makes this as a centrepiece for a Halloween party! A hand is frozen in a rubber glove and then added to the punchbowl.

    Recipe by: MOMMYGABS

    1 review

    Quick, cheap and easy Halloween or other themed party snack. Perfect for chocolate and/or licorice lovers.

    Recipe by: BushCook

    856 reviews

    These eerie biscuits are perfect for your Halloween party! Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Finger Biscuits Video.

    Recipe by: Sandra

    Halloween Videos

    How to Make Halloween Cupcakes
    How to Make Halloween Cupcakes
    How to Make Finger Biscuits
    How to Make Finger Biscuits
    How to Make Halloween Punch
    How to Make Halloween Punch

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