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Halloween Recipes (108)

Whether Halloween means a kids party, trick or treating or socialising with your friends we have recipes and fun ideas for cakes, drinks, treats and party food.

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These are great at Halloween. I use cake and icing mix to make it quicker but of course you can use your own recipes for these. Watch this recipe being made on Allrecipes Halloween Cupcakes Video.

Recipe by: Liz Harrison

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These puff pastry-wrapped olives make great finger food. We use big green stuffed olives. You can make ahead and freeze-just allow 30 minutes for the pastry to thaw before cooking them. Another advantage: fun for kids to make and eat! Watch the technique in our video.

Recipe by: Syd

6 reviews

These are whimsical and fun treats that all kids will love. Chocolate mice are rolled in chocolate biscuit crumbs for a realistic look.

Recipe by: Rosina

6 reviews

These are a great for a kid's Halloween party! Chocolate cake mix is an easy option when you are making so many. Use liquorice for the legs and jelly beans or smarties for the eyes.

Recipe by: Heatherly Noble

7 reviews

A biscuit for chocolate addicts. A wonderful easy recipe that is great for kids - easy to make and store well. They can be frozen, either in mixture form, or in biscuit form. Made tiny these biscuits are dainty and lovely to have with coffee or tea. You can also use the normal sized M&Ms if you like, though it is harder to make the dainty sized biscuits!

Recipe by: Talyn10

Halloween Videos

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