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    Try these Greek recipes for spanakopita, avgolemono, souvlaki, dolmades, baklava, haloumi, moussaka, tzatziki and yummy Greek biscuits and cakes.

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    90 reviews

    A pasta salad with seared steak pieces and sun dried tomato pesto. One quick, unique and healthy meal that will liven up your taste buds.

    Recipe by: jennings

    14 reviews

    To make this classic Greek citrus cake, filo pastry is shredded and mixed with an orange filling then baked.

    Recipe by: Diana

    35 reviews

    One of my grans old recipes - very simple to make, it just uses chicken breasts, canned soup and white wine then cooked in the slow cooker.

    Recipe by: ozki

    10 reviews

    A Greek favourite that makes everyone think you are a master chef, yet it is sooo easy to make!! I taught a Greek friend how to make sticky toffee pudding, and she taught me this fabulous recipe.

    Recipe by: SpicyChick

    57 reviews

    A Greek classic. You can choose to salt the eggplants or not. This version uses lamb instead of the more traditional beef.

    Recipe by: Saoirse

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      Greek Chickpea Salad
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      Greek Salad
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      Greek Orange Filo Cake
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      How to Make Eggplant Moussaka

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