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Looking for authentic and traditional German recipes? We have Schwartzwalder torte, pretzels, stollen, springerele, strudel, brotchen rolls, spätzle and more.

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A chewy German roll that has a firm outer crust. These rolls are made with only the whites of the eggs and are great with soups, stews or just eaten as a snack.

Recipe by: MARBALET

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Homemade bratwurst are easy to make and so much tastier than store bought! Learn how with our Allrecipes Bratwurst Video.

Recipe by: Brandon

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These are big, soft pretzels rolled in coarse sea salt that you can make at home with basic bread ingredients you probably already have! Instead of the salt try garlic salt or cinnamon sugar for a flavour change.

Recipe by: Jeannie Yee

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This is an old German recipe for aniseed flavoured biscuits which belonged to my mother-in-law. I've been baking these for the years at Christmas! Nice if you can find a springerle rolling pin in antique or specialty shops, otherwise just use a normal rolling pin and cut to your own shapes.

Recipe by: Rosemarie Magee

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If you want to make an adult version of this punch you can substitute white wine for the apple juice.

Recipe by: Susann

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