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    There are many game choices available that can be cooked easily and without special techniques or trouble. Try a recipe for venison, rabbit, quail or kangaroo.

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    22 reviews

    I had always wanted to try venison and then came across this recipe that worked out great. I hope you like it too.

    Recipe by: RUTHWARD

    18 reviews

    For a real Christmas centerpiece, try this roast goose stuffed with a mixture of wild rice, toasted hazelnuts and apple.

    Recipe by: Christine L.

    78 reviews

    These duck breasts are the nicest I've ever cooked. You'll find yourself putting your knife and fork down between mouthfuls. And it's also very quick and extremely easy to make. I enjoy serving these duck breasts with roasted seasonal vegetables.

    Recipe by: Ollie Martin

    18 reviews

    Venison when it is in season is so succulent and flavourful it doesn't need much in the way of a complicated preparations. Salt and pepper will do it!

    Recipe by: Mark

    19 reviews

    Fresh goose stuffed with wild rice and shiitake mushrooms. The secret to keeping it crispy is to allow the skin to fully dry for at least 24 hours before roasting.

    Recipe by: Christine Lipo

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    • videoTitle
      Roast Goose with Apple, Hazelnut and Wild Rice Stuffing
    • videoTitle
      Duck Breast with Three Red Fruits

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