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    This is a great slow cooked duck leg casserole using a rich red wine gravy and lots of vegetables including celery, carrots, potatoes and mushrooms.

    Recipe by: Paul_Mylum

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    Rosemary sprigs and orange in the stuffing, with red wine, redcurrant jelly and orange in the sauce, add piquancy to the richness of the duck.

    Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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    Don't skip anything or change the ingredients. The most important thing is the hot smoked duck breast AND good home made dark chicken stock.

    Recipe by: darrenspooner

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    The ham, apple and thyme in this recipe are well matched with the fattiness of the duck. I serve it at all my important dinners including Christmas.

    Recipe by: FritzM

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    Pan roasted duck breasts served with a delicious sauce made with red wine and creme de cassis liqueur.

    Recipe by: Wynne

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    Duck with orange is a classic French meal. This is perfect for entertaining and skinless duck is quite low in fat.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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    This is a version of the French 'Duck à l'orange'. The duck is initially fried then dressed in an orange and cream sauce.

    Recipe by: Brigitte

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    Roast duck is delicious and available pre-cooked at Chinese specialty shops and supermarkets. This recipe is very easy to make for a quick lunch or dinner.

    Recipe by: Bing

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    Make duck with meat that falls off the bone and crispy skin. These sweet duck breasts are delicious and they are cooked with plums and star anise.

    Recipe by: cphannah

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    I love a good roast duck but it is the stuffing that is the star of this recipe. The stuffing contains wild rice, spring onions, mango, coconut, lemongrass and wine.

    Recipe by: Michaela

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