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    Deep frying is the method for many of our favourite recipes including fish and chips, doughnuts, spring rolls, tempura, prawns toast and anything else battered.

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    These Thai banana fritters known as 'Kluay Kaeg' use a wonderful coconut batter. Although they are normally eaten as is I like mine with ice cream.

    Recipe by: Toi

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    I love these doughnut bites, which I guess could also be called doughnut holes. They are quick and easy to make and a great movie night snack. Watch this recipe being made on Allrecipes Doughnut Bites Video.

    Recipe by: MARY AUSTIN

    13 reviews

    This Maori Fried Bread is a traditional Maori recipe. This bread has a doughnut texture but none of the sugar.

    Recipe by: JuliettevanSon

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    This recipe makes glazed American-style doughnuts. I made it for my daughter's birthday this year. It's a treat recipe and is pretty straightforward if you have a deep fryer. Keep a baking tray lined with paper towels under the wire rack for easier cleaning up.

    Recipe by: Kelly

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    This is the Filipino version of spring rolls, made with pork mince, carrot, cabbage, garlic and spring onions. Great as a finger food.

    Recipe by: LILQTPINAY23

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