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    Kids are the toughest food critics yet it’s still important to give them something healthy with the occasional treat. Home cooks pick these as good kid recipes.

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    Make an extra-special breakfast for your kids with these pig-faced pancakes. Or get creative - see how many different kinds of animals faces you can make with this technique.

    Recipe by: Lisa

    11378 reviews

    These classic chocolate chip cookies are deliciously thick and chewy. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Video.

    Recipe by: Dora

    82 reviews

    I love apple crumble. Even more than apple pie. After many years of trial and error and amalgamating other recipes I think I've finally perfected it! Or to the delight of my taste buds anyway.

    Recipe by: chorazy

    65 reviews

    Easy to make moist banana cake that has been highly sought after, time after time. For an even richer treat, ice your cake with cream cheese icing.

    Recipe by: Foxglove

    64 reviews

    This recipe is one that was passed down from a family friend, and every one that tastes it loves it. Virtually mess free, no mixer required, just a bowl and spoon... now that's my favorite kind of baking...

    Recipe by: canttrustaskinnycook

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