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    Caribbean recipes include dishes from Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico they include great recipes like barbecue, cocktails and rum cake.

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    This is my easy Caribbean-style sweet and sour chicken. You can also marinade the chicken in the rum for an hour, then bake with the pineapples and sauce; this has the same effect!

    Recipe by: Albert Ross

    12 reviews

    Chicken, fish and split peas all combine in this traditional Caribbean one pot meal which is hearty enough for a crowd!

    Recipe by: Kemoy

    34 reviews

    This is my favourite Caribbean dish which is very well seasoned; a trademark of Caribbean food. The browning of the sugar is a technique unique to this area, don't stress about it, it all works out in the end.

    Recipe by: winstono2005

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    Succulent ling is baked in a simple, delicate Caribbean-inspired chutney marinade. You can use any white fish in this recipe.

    Recipe by: LINDA W.

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    These spicy, zesty chicken skewers are inspired by Caribbean flavours.

    Recipe by: Marcus Hender

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    Black turtle beans are simmered with spices and vegetables and finished with a splash of balsamic vinegar. Serve with white rice.

    Recipe by: Dick

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    In Jamaican goat curry is a national dish. This is a good recipe you can try if you ever have some goat you want to cook.

    Recipe by: SloeWolf

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    While on holiday, we visited a restaurant where they prepared this delicious dish while we watched. Here is my interpretation of this colourful dish.

    Recipe by: Linda

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    A taste of the Caribbean! The spices and sweet and sour sauce are a wonderful combination, and perfect for a BBQ. Great with freshly steamed green beans.

    Recipe by: LINDA W.

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    This refreshing party cocktail has fresh mint, rum, sugar, lime juice, ice and fizzy water blended together to make an amazing drink for a hot summers day.

    Recipe by: Emma

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