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    There are many great British recipes that have become Australian favourites like cottage pie, shepherd’s pie, steamed pudding, Yorkshire pudding and trifle.

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    A great British recipe, this is a hearty dinner dish that is always a favourite with the the whole family and friends.

    Recipe by: Babette

    305 reviews

    A very traditional English cottage pie with beef, onions, carrots, potatoes and seasonings. Best served with fresh green peas.

    Recipe by: Caroline

    50 reviews

    The trick to this classic Yorkshire pudding is to make sure the fat is very hot before adding the batter.

    Recipe by: Karen Cooke

    22 reviews

    The classic British dessert, made with white bread, eggs, milk, nutmeg and either sultanas or currant.

    Recipe by: Swanseaboy17

    4 reviews

    This is a favorite of our family. There's nothing quite like it for an easy Sunday night dinner in winter. Quick, easy and big time comfort food!

    Recipe by: Yummum73

    9 reviews

    Steak, kidney, mushrooms, beef stock and beer form the base of this all-time classic pie. Be sure to cook the filling gently and thoroughly to allow the different flavours to mix

    Recipe by: Missbubbles230799

    4 reviews

    Corned beef cooked the way my mum use to make it.

    Recipe by: mooey

    3 reviews

    It's winter time and I love the cooking channel. So I was thinking of ways to cook silverside. I was watching and was inspired to try something new.

    Recipe by: vegemite

    62 reviews

    Now is there any comfort food that can best a shepherd's pie? It's super hearty and packed full of vegetables.

    Recipe by: Gigi

    28 reviews

    Classic British pickled vegetables which are ideal with cold cuts, cheese or a ploughman's lunch. This makes a lot, so you can give some away.

    Recipe by: Ruth

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