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    Whether you want a quick healthy weekday breakfast or some special like an egg dish, pancakes or muffins for a weekend brunch, check out these breakfast recipes.

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    Use whatever your favourite type of bread is in this easy French toast recipe. Beautiful for a special breakfast.

    Recipe by: Robert Johnson

    142 reviews

    A simple crepes recipe, perfect for a weekend breakfast. Serve with fresh fruit, whipped cream or ice cream.

    Recipe by: Sally

    37 reviews

    A quick and easy breakfast, that is loaded with diced potatoes and scrambled eggs all packed in half a hot large pita. Such a simple way to get your breakfast.

    Recipe by: Elsie

    326 reviews

    Super easy pancakes that are made in the blender. Great first thing in the morning when you don't want to think too hard!

    Recipe by: GERAL1012

    415 reviews

    Top these waffles with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup for a quick and easy dessert or a Sunday morning breakfast.

    Recipe by: Love

    149 reviews

    Crepes are very easy to make for a delicious breakfast or dessert. Eat them with just a little sugar and lemon juice, or fill with fresh fruit or ice cream.

    Recipe by: Claire

    40 reviews

    Freshly whisked eggs fried over high heat until cooked though then topped with a creamy feta mixture. This omelette makes a delicious breakfast or quick lunch.

    Recipe by: Wessam Zaki

    43 reviews

    Here is a great vegetarian breakfast fry up of eggs and tomatoes. Use the best quality organic ingredients for best flavours.

    Recipe by: Dora

    127 reviews

    Excellent breakfast bread you can make in a bread machine. You can substitute raisins or dried cranberries for the sultanas.

    Recipe by: Tammy

    27 reviews

    A quick and easy spin on scrambled eggs. Ingredients can be prepared the night before to save time in the morning. A surefire hit. You can add tomato or chilli sauce at the end.

    Recipe by: aussiedream

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