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    There are so many great recipes that are associated with America from meatloaf, hamburger, and mac and cheese to cookies, waffles frosting and pecan pie.

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    I have seen so much about the American hot dogs on TV I sort out this recipe, this one from Chicago. It is pretty good and worth a try when you are watching you next American Blockbuster movie.

    Recipe by: redhotcook!

    11378 reviews

    These classic chocolate chip cookies are deliciously thick and chewy. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Video.

    Recipe by: Dora

    10697 reviews

    These are the perfect typical American chocolate chip cookie, they are big, fat and chewy, and exactly what you need for your next afternoon tea.

    Recipe by: Elizabeth

    9724 reviews

    Brownies are a traditional American snack and dessert icon and this is a great recipe for a rich chocolate brownie and matching icing.

    Recipe by: Angie

    424 reviews

    The American classic three layer red-chocolate cake with a white chocolate cream cheese icing. Not for weight watching but great for a special occasion!

    Recipe by: PAL

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      Chocolate Chip Cookies

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