Cooking for Two (1576)

    Cooking for two? Impress someone special or keep the fire burning with these delicious recipes.

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    These noodles are my version of the kind you can buy at the food stalls of Shanghai, you'll love them!

    Recipe by: 柠檬草

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    You just can't beat a barbecued lobster tail for the ultimate barbecue treat! Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Barbecued Lobster Tails Video.

    Recipe by: Joe Nekrasz

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    I love cutting into this puff pastry parcel to find a well seasoned full chicken breast, adjust the garlic to your preference if desired.

    Recipe by: FLIPISME

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    The eye fillet is cut from the tenderloin and is the most tender cut of beef. It is best cooked very simply to bring out its rich flavour.

    Recipe by: Rayna

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    A wonderful hearty casserole you can put on early then come back to later in the day with beautiful chicken and bacon.

    Recipe by: Pam123

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      Crispy Tobacco Onions
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      Buttermilk Cheese
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      Barbecued Lobster Tails
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      Romantic Brunch Recipe: Baked Eggs with Ham
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