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Crispy Ginger Biscuits

Great for tea parties. Crisp without being crumbly. Uses crystalline rather than fresh or preserved ginger
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27 Aug 2011
Reviewed by: JASANDA100
Thanks for sharing this recipe it was just what i was looking for. I made these and put them in a big glass jar as a birthday gift for my big brother Yorke. He loves Ginger. I followed the recipe exactly and it made well over 12 biscuits and I would describe them as chunky and crunchy. i took photo of how they turned out.
24 Oct 2013
Reviewed by: amanda0510
Thanks so much for this recipe, it's now my new favourite! When trying a recipe for the first time, I always make it as it states but I was 25g short on the butter so substituted peanut butter as I was desperate for a biscuit! Anyhow, no other changes were made. Despite me thinking there was not enough ground ginger in the recipe for my tastes, I stuck to the 1 tsp. they're delicious. Very gentle but still 'gingery'. I'll stick to this amount in future bakes too. The biscuits are crisp but as you say, not crumbly. I used a tablespoon cookie scoop and got 30 cookies exactly to this recipe and they cooked for 12 minutes. They are good sized cookies too. I rolled them in the sugar on one side, put this side face up and then flattened a bit with a fork. I absolutely love this recipe!! Thank you again. I've uploaded a couple of photos for you too <3 xxx Oh and just FYI...85 calories a cookie if you get 30 like me. The whole recipe, as stated is approximately 2560 calories so divide that by however many cookies you actually get xxx
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02 Sep 2012
Reviewed by: smileysal
I added the stem ginger half way through as i didn't think it would be distributed very evenly if i added it at the end, i also added less as i didn't want them to be too gingery, i had no dark sugar so used light instead, i cooked them for about 15 minutes - mmmm lovely
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18 Oct 2013
Reviewed by: Gadgetgal
These were amazing!!!! I made a batch to take on a Cruise as it had been recommended to take Crystallised Stem Ginger as a seasickness remedy and I thought that biscuits might be yummy. Needless to say the first batch won't make it :0)
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08 Jan 2018
Reviewed by: Janetmn57
Really good! I found the mixture slightly too soft to roll into balls, so just put dollops on the baking tray. Nice and spicy - I may even put more ginger in next time!
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24 Aug 2014
Reviewed by: martinholder
Was in the midst of making them having weighed out all the ingredients when I found out we had run out of eggs so I used the juice of half a lemon an 2 tbsp of creme fraiche. Delightful.
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