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Asparagus and Goats Cheese Quesadillas

Easy and tasty quesadillas made with fresh asparagus and goats cheese. Perfect for a family snack and good enough for guests. If you're not a goat cheese fan, feta or mozzarella are good substitutes. Delicious!
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12 Apr 2009
Reviewed by: cassandra
Made these quesadillas into a meal using asparagus and last nights eggplant parmigiana and cheddar, instead of goats cheese.
30 Dec 2007
Reviewed by: Lena
These were delicious - but I made a couple of changes. I used crumbled garlic & herb feta instead of goat cheese and I also added some shredded Italian-blend cheese. Additionally, I sauteed 2 cloves of chopped garlic with the asparagus. I substituted green onions for the cilantro as well. Will definitely make again!
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18 Nov 2004
Reviewed by: STEPSWA
These were great! I actually used some flour and some whole wheat tortillas and served them as an appetizer at a party. I also made the Zesty Black Bean Quesadillas With Cilantro Sour Cream from this site and the Colantro Sour Cream tasted really good with these quesadilla as well. Very easy to make.
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14 Jun 2004
Reviewed by: PainterCook
Really easy and delicious. I served this as a main course. The best quesadillas I've ever made! I'll be making these again and again for sure. Thanks so much, Jane!
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07 Apr 2007
Reviewed by: Brandie Gruenewald
This is such a tasty snack! I added pine nuts which really kicked it up a notch. It is quite rich due to the goat cheese, but still bursting with flavor!
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09 Jul 2009
Reviewed by: HuskerGirl
These were great and hardly took any time at all. I had done the pan-fried asparagus from this site the night before and chopped up the leftovers for this. When I told my husband what we were having, he was skeptical and accused me of feeding him "hippie food" since it has no meat. But he even made a second one for himself! Definitely a delicious, fast, and easy meal! Thanks for the recipe!
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30 Mar 2009
Reviewed by: michellej
Make sure you really love asparagus,cilantro, and goat cheese! The flavors are really strong. I loved this recipe, but my family wasn't happy with it at all.
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29 Jul 2004
Reviewed by: JLCOTTON
This recipe was very easy, very fast, and was easily made into a single serving lunch dish. Since I had regular goat chesse, I added dried basil chopped tomatos to mine to give it more flavor. This recipe would also be great with spinach.
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22 Jun 2011
Reviewed by: Philip Shores
I give this 5 stars, making this recipe exactly as shown here. It was fabulous and the whole family loved it. For those of you who do not know, Goat Cheese is very tangy (not sour) with a almost feta cheese quality/flavor/texture, minus the "parmigiano reggiano" notes and nuances. I sauteed the asparagus as stated the first time, but the second time I sauteed it under very high heat with crushed garlic that was browned to a sweet crisp. It brought out the depth of the cheese and allowed a full flavor combination to be experienced as an explosion of varying yet satisfying flavors.
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19 Jul 2007
Reviewed by: Danielle
Wow, these are good! I've made them for dinner two nights in a row. I used green onions instead of cilantro and they were great!
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