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Very Easy Fruit Cake

A good friend gave me this recipe, you could have a competition on guessing the ingredients of this fail proof cake and nobody would pick it. Truly one of the moistest cakes you could ever find. The top can be decorated with blanched almonds before baking, if you like.
Reviews (43)

30 Nov 2011
Reviewed by: notgourmet
I didn't use chocolate milk, I have used orange juice or pineapple juice in lieu of the milk. You can still add the brandy, and it lasts much longer and tastes much better.
09 Nov 2011
Kirb said:
How long would this cake last if you covered it with fondant? (Im concerned about the milk in it, and the fact that you cant refridgerate or even place a fondant covered cake in an air tight container)
22 Apr 2011
Reviewed by: MrChitty
What a crap cake. Bitter as anything....had to throw it out. What a complete waste of ingredients and time
31 May 2011
ailsa said:
Altered ingredient amounts. The first time I made it I used 3/4 of the mixture as I didnt have enough fruit. I also used some brandy and as I have a fan forced oven I was careful not to over cook. The second time I used full ingredients and baked for about 1 and quarter hours but checked after an hour. very moist and every one loves it and asks for recipe
18 Feb 2011
Reviewed by: leam1458
I used 1 cup strong coffee and half a cup of brandy. So yummy!!!
13 May 2010
Laurab_aus said:
Used different ingredients. I make a similar cake but use strong coffee and a dash of sherry or brandy in place of the chocolate milk.
25 May 2010
oz said:
Altered ingredient amounts. u can make a gluten free type with gluten free s/r flour and using 2 cups of juice instead of the milk
01 Oct 2008
mumma51 said:
Something else. I used a 23cm square silicone pan. It was easy to cut for lunches and to store. It cam right out of the pan with out having to oil or line or grease it.
26 Sep 2009
JBMarigold said:
Altered ingredient amounts. I used 750g fruit (2x375g boxes) and a 600ml BigM (coffee) to 2 cups SR flour. Worked brilliantly too and will be going in our Scouts repetoire... perfect cooking (and eating) for kids!
15 Dec 2009
Mickeyboo said:
Used different ingredients. For a more 'adult' xmas cake, add in a small bottle of rum to the milk and fruit mixture and leave to soak overnight. Add the same amount of flour and bake just a liitle longer until a skewer inserted comes out clean. Very moist and yummy cake!


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