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Cumin Lamb Steaks with Mashed Potatoes, Spinach and Red Wine Sauce

This is a delicious dish you that is impressive enough to serve at dinner parties but simple enough to make for your family. Tender lamb steaks combine beautifully with the flavours of cumin, spinach, creamy potato and sweet red wine sauce.
Reviews (30)

08 Sep 2010
kelly2cats said:
Nice job. I used ground cumin instead of cumin seeds because that's what I had and the flavour was perfect. Just had mashed potatoes with other veges, no spinach. Hubby loved it. This will become another favourite in our house.
26 May 2010
Reviewed by: cadmangaz
this is a sensational recipe, highly recommend 'you' all try this one. many thanks
07 Aug 2008
Reviewed by: Polly Rinas Janos
Disclaimer: I made the lamb only, not the spinach or potatoes so my review is focused on only the lamb. Very interesting combination of flavors. I never would have thought of cumin and a red wine reduction going together but in this circumstance it really works. The lamb was quite flavorful and my daughter (the other lamb lover in the family) enjoyed this dish as much, if not more, than I. I did feel the need to add a little kosher salt to the wine sauce because I felt it was just a touch too sweet. Otherwise, no modifications. Thanks for submitting a unique and flavorful recipe.
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24 Jan 2011
Reviewed by: bub
have made this several times for people who never had lamb and everyone loved it.i add mushrooms to the wine sauce and shredded cheese to the taters.the spinich is just as good as a salad as it is wilted but i usually do both.
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06 Aug 2008
Reviewed by: south_coast
I have to say this was absolutely wonderful, I just made a few amendments, but nothing major. I cut the meat from the bone. As fresh English spinach is so difficult to find in Australian supermarkets, I used frozen spinach. Indeed this dish would be ideally suited for a dinner party, as well a family meal.
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02 May 2010
Reviewed by: inexcelsis
Absolutely delicious! My husband was practically licking the plate (for his sake I'll say "practically"). It's simple and quick, and I'm planning on making it for company, as the presentation is beautiful. I added a little arugula and baby red leaf mixture at the end of cooking the spinach to make it even more colorful. I'd recommend making about twice of the delicious sauce, as we loved it so much we would have liked even more of it!
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12 Jun 2008
Reviewed by: Mrs.Williams
OK, if I could give this more stars I would! First of all its freakin' fantastic! Second of all, its pretty easy to make, but tastes like it came from a its pretty impressive. I loved everything about it, the sauce was great, everything. The only changes I made were that I did not have cumin seeds so I just rubbed some cumin powder on the lamb steaks. Also, I added a little cream to the potatoes. Yum yum. I know I'll be making this again!
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06 Mar 2010
Reviewed by: Ashley295
I give this a three as is, but a four or five now that I've made some changes. The wine reduction is great, just needs some salt. I prefer mashed potatoes made without sour cream, just butter and milk. I use salt, ground rosemary, garlic powder, pepper, and dried thyme as a rub for lamb and think it tastes a lot better than the cumin.
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07 Oct 2010
Reviewed by: kmbrknits
This method of making lamb went over really well at my house; the wine sauce was even palatable to the kids. Yay! I've been hesitant to buy lamb in the past, but there's some nice grass-fed at Trader Joe's lately, and this recipe really compliments it. I omitted potatoes, and used ground cumin as others have done. Otherwise, I stuck to the recipe. Thanks!
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09 Dec 2009
Reviewed by: Kirsten
This is so good!
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