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Afghan Biscuits

These are tasty chocolate biscuits made with cornflakes - a kiwi classic. You'll find yourself addicted. The good thing is they are REALLY easy to make.
Reviews (8)

13 Apr 2010
joden said:
Made it healthier. substituted 1/4cup of plain flour for the 1/4cup of cocoa and did not ice. Delicious!
24 Jul 2010
Reviewed by: Nadsy
This recipe is a winner. Quick, easy and absolutely delicious. I always get positive comments when I make them! At their best with the choc icing and walnut.
28 Jan 2010
RaewynL said:
Altered ingredient amounts. Used melted chocolate - 8 squares of Lindt 70% - to spread on the top of them
28 Jan 2010
Reviewed by: RaewynL
Nice retro classic. Sweeter than I remember? Also, I think I overcooked them slightly so I would recommend checking them at 12 minutes. This made 14 "tablespoon" size biscuits.
28 Mar 2012
Reviewed by: masi
This recipe is so easy and the best thing is the afghans were delicious and my 5 year old enjoyed making this with me and eating them.She is not a big fan of chocolate so,I had to ice some for her with vanilla icing.We have been looking for a classic Kiwi biscuit to make for her American classmates.We both think they are going to love these biscuits,might have to change the name!
11 Dec 2011
Reviewed by: ozimanx
These biscuits are a NZ favourite. Just visited NZ and bought some at Thames Market. Made 20 as recipe suggested and with choc icing and walnut they disappeared off the plate.
19 Apr 2010
Reviewed by: treddy
Taste really good and very quick to make.
13 Apr 2010
Reviewed by: joden
I would also recommend checking them at 12 minutes.


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