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Dreamy Night Time Drink

Warm milk with a spoonful of honey, vanilla and cinnamon makes a perfect relaxing drink. So easy when heated in a microwave.
Reviews (174)

17 Nov 2011
Reviewed by: kooky_cook
Was ok but wasnt sweet enough for me. Next time will add more honey. Good recipe though!
09 Jun 2010
Reviewed by: Karithina
Delicious, easy, and very relaxing. I think this is my new favourite drink for bedtimes in a hurry =) Just a tip: Make sure you watch your milk in the microwave as "or until it foams" usually does occur before the 3 minute mark.
22 Feb 2011
Reviewed by: Jillian
Wonderful nighttime beverage - especially if you are having trouble sleeping! I used skim milk and added a pinch of nutmeg. If I have a little more trouble sleepling I just might add a little shot of bourbon - whatever works!
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23 Jan 2008
Reviewed by: SunnyByrd
My dad used to make me something just like this he called "Fairy Nectar". Knowing him, he probably added a little dollop of something stronger... Thanks for the cozy recipe!
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06 Dec 2009
Reviewed by: ali
Quite good UPDATE: I changed my mind: VERY good! The secret is leaving the milk in the microwave for close to 3 minutes.
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20 Jan 2008
Reviewed by: Ashley Schulte
This is pretty good, I sprinkled nutmeg on mine along with the cinnamon, and also doubled the honey. Thx
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03 Jan 2009
Reviewed by: Martha Cochell
I have this often in the winter when it's soooo cold out. It's perfect just before going to bed. Try it with almond extract instead of the vanilla. Awesome!
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27 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: Cat Lady Cyndi
This is a wonderful drink, I have used for this for years on end. It's "Fairy Food" to me, and is great to drink, and very calming. Leaving this for the fairies outdoors brings good things, if you believe
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22 Jun 2009
Reviewed by: Sarah Jo
This made my insides and my outsides feel much more comfortable. My kids, too. I used NF milk and splenda.
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02 Dec 2013
Reviewed by: naples34102
Fond memories of warm milk and honey served to me by my beloved grandmother at bedtime prompted me to give this a go, particularly since I was curious about the addition of cinnamon. I hadn't had this in probably 50 years! It was ok, but the cinnamon and vanilla kind of got in the way for me, perhaps only because my memories bias me. Whole milk, as I enjoyed this in my childhood, makes this particularly rich, creamy and satisfying. In addition, just warming it was more appealing, easier to drink (and safer for children!) than heating it to piping hot. This is a wonderful, comforting drink, especially for children, and especially if your grandma brings it to you in bed.
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