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Carrot Zucchini Sweet Quick Bread

This is great bread, although it is more of a cake. The recipe includes carrot, zucchini, walnuts, wholemeal flour and spices.
Reviews (4)

09 Jul 2010
Reviewed by: Andjela
I liked this one a lot! But next time I will cut down sugar. I think 260 g is little too much for me. But everything else great! I had some leftover mixture and made muffins from it. Turned out nice and moist!
09 Dec 2017
Reviewed by: OlineWright
Okay, I haven't tried this yet but I have to ask how the heck did this recipe end up in diabetic and low GI searches while it contains Icing Sugar as part of a glaze and 1 1/4 cups of real sugar in the batter itself?
16 Sep 2016
Reviewed by: PatriciaTruscott
I haven't actually tried this bread, I was just wondering... anyone with diabetes tried this and how did your blood sugar go?
27 May 2009
Reviewed by: misscarolpiggy
Beautiful and fresh tasting cake. I am into healthy eating cakes,so I think it tasted good enough without the icing. It was super moist,I addes some dried sultanas to soak up excess moist which was great. i would call it more of a cake rather than a bread.


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