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Mud Cake with Caramel Icing

A new take on the traditional chocolate mud cake....YUM!
Reviews (12)

05 Jun 2011
Reviewed by: Zathras
While I have made a cake or twenty in my time, it was also my first time making a mud cake of any kind. All I can say it was very easy, and the result is fantastic. Only one hint is if you plan to use a spring tin, make sure when lined it is water tight as this mix is very very wet.
14 Jan 2013
Reviewed by: Dsleep
what a fantastic recipe. Thought I'd try this one instead of my usual and was shocked at flavor, texture and moisture. Don't make any other one but this. Have to say that I did use 000 plain flour because I didnt have the normal one and this may have contributed to the perfect texture.
25 Sep 2008
Reviewed by: jojogogo
this cake was easy peasy. it is lovely tasting, and rose magnificently. thankyou
18 Jan 2010
Reviewed by: suaresgirl
this was my first attempt at making a mud cake and found it was easy and it turned out perfect have made heaps for birthday cakes now
03 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: NaomiS88
Yum! Thank you for Sharing this recipe. I too like suaresgirl, this was my first time making a mud cake. This recipe is great for a first timer - It's easy to do and the clean up is fantastic... Not too many dishes to clean up. Cake smell's and taste's great! Give it a go - it won't disapoint.
27 Sep 2014
Reviewed by: Astrid1087
Simple & delicious!
23 Apr 2013
Reviewed by: vickiross
I followed the recipe very carefully, but it turned out too flat, dense and "muddy" for me. I think it needed a little more raising agent, and maybe creaming the butter and sugar first. The icing, however, covered a multitude of sins.
30 May 2011
caramel_luva said:
i havent yet made it, because i had my tonsils out only a week ago, but i am definatly looking forward to it!!! i am hoping that it tastes even better than the ones i buy at woolies!! :D <3
01 Jun 2017
Reviewed by:
This turned out so good! So good information for making a cake. I’ll need to use your tips this one looks amazing…
07 Dec 2014
Reviewed by: DawnLindsay
Does anyone know if this can be converted to suit a 6 inch pan? And would it hold up under decorating, & be fairly moist do you think? Thanks a lot


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