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Chicken and Rice Biryani

My husband's mother taught me this recipe, an authentic Hyderabadi-style biryani that is a trademark of home-cooking in south India. The chicken, spices and rice all cook in the same frying pan.
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10 Jun 2018
Reviewed by: katapp
Pretty good recipe! I made a couple substitutions. It tastes like a mama-made-it-recipes. One tip I would say, if you use chicken breast chunks, like I did- I wouldn’t wait till all the liquids to reduce down to one cup ( the chicken came out a little over done( just adjust the water added for the rice. Trying to keep
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27 Feb 2017
Reviewed by: telanganavantakalu
The chicken biryani is good. for mutton biryani you can visit website
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10 Jan 2016
Reviewed by: Karen Bleakley
I really wanted to like this recipe. I cannot speak to the authenticity of the recipe. The only biryanis I've had were in Indian restaurants, so I can only compare to those. I thought a biryani would be a good way to introduce my kids to Indian food, as they love rice, and this recipe didn't seem too spicy. However, the cloves were overwhelming in the flavour which turned the kids off right away. I used bone-in chicken thighs so adjusted the cooking time accordingly. Thankfully they decided they could eat those. Unfortunately I won't try this one again.
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20 Feb 2015
Reviewed by: Bilkhis Fara
This is a sad instant version of Hyderabad's.
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04 Feb 2015
Reviewed by: ja
All in all a good recipe for a little bit of exotism. The amount of spices may look like LOTS but if you are gentle with the chile pepper it should suit any stomach. I had no trouble with the yoghurt. I had no ghee but added fresh butter slivers just before serving. Also I somehow missed the onions but shall definitively add some next time and yes well roasted before adding the chicken.
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15 Nov 2009
This sounds so good, but I was really disappointed at the fact that it had so many good tasting ingredients but such a lack of flavor. I don't understand how this turned out to be so bland, and I don't think I'll make it again.
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30 Jan 2009
Reviewed by: cgibbons414
This was a very good Biryani recipe overall, however it was extremely mild for Indian food. I fed it to my Indian boyfriend (whose mother makes waaay better biryani than I could probably ever hope to make) and he enjoyed it. I would definitely add more peppers or something. Another problem that I had was the fact that it doesn't tell us which type of green pepper to use. I don't remember which kind they were but they were the smaller ones (not jalapenos obviously)serrano peppers. Definitely use the basmati rice.
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26 Jan 2008
Reviewed by: knux11
Great flavor. I did not have the paste, and used crushed garlic instead. Instead of letting the juice cook down to one cup, I took the chicken out and put it in a roasting pan, and placed the remaining juice, pan scraps in my blender. With the curded yogurt it turned into a thick flavorful sauce, and was excellent.
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10 Dec 2007
Reviewed by: Lucie
This recipe was delicious, easy to follow and really worth all the time and effort....thanks so much for sharing!!!
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