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Peppermint and Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

This is a lovely homemade peppermint chocolate ice cream that is a little lighter and brighter through the use of low fat milk.
Reviews (528)

03 Jan 2012
Reviewed by: Glenyss
tastes yum and very easy to make, I added peppermint M
02 Jan 2016
Reviewed by: cookiebeaer987
This looks and tastes really nice
13 Jun 2013
Reviewed by: BrendonSmith
Came out perfect and tastes better than the stuff you buy in the shops. Thanks
09 Mar 2009
Reviewed by: naples34102
As I've mentioned in other reviews I've left for ice cream on this site, I am from Wisconsin, and we like our ice cream (frozen custard) rich, smooth and custardy! So, scaling this down to 6 servings to fit my 1-1/2 quart ice cream maker, I used 2 cups heavy cream, 1 cup half and half and 2 eggs. Beat the eggs on medium speed for a minute or two, gradually add 3/4 cup sugar, then mix well for another minute or so. I added 2 tsp. of vanilla, and 3/4 tsp. peppermint extract. What I got was a rich, velvety, delicately mint flavored frozen custard. The subtle mint flavor was perfect for us, although die-hard mint lovers may want to increase the amount of peppermint extract by half. I did use the miniature chocolate chips as the recipe directs--hubby not only doesn't mind the tiny bits of crunchy chocolate, he actually prefers it that way! It gives the ice cream a little interest and contrast in textures. A heads up for those who want to make this more calorie friendly by using reduced fat milk or cream--if you use lower fat dairy products you will definitely compromise both mouth feel and richness. Reduce the fat content enough and you'll end up with a grainy, icy result. My proportions of cream and half and half provide the velvety rich smoothness and flavor without leaving a greasy mouth feel. On it's own or on top of a fudge brownie, this ice cream is goood!
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31 Aug 2006
Reviewed by: Gilda George
We all loved this ice cream. My first attempt at making it didn't turn out so well. I used peppermint oil, because I couldn't find any peppermint extract in my area. I used 3/4 tsp. of the oil, which was much too much. The second time around, I gradually added the peppermint oil one drop at a time until I achieved the correct flavor; I ended up using just four drops of it. The semi-sweet chocolate chips I used were finely chopped. The ice cream tasted very similar to the kind I order at Baskin & Robbins; it was great! This recipe is a keeper. Thanks so much for sharing it.
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11 Aug 2006
Reviewed by: CookinMama
Mint chip ice cream is hands down my faaaaaavorite ice cream, so I was excited to try this! VERY easy to make and I always have all the ingredients on hand. The only change I made was to the choco chips--I finely chopped up a large bar of chocolate instead. Next time I will make a few changes 1)Add only 1/2 tsp vanilla 2)add about 3/4 tsp peppermint 3)will shave the chocolate rather than chop it (so the chocolate will actually melt in your mouth when you eat it)...and these changes are for personal tastes only. Even as the recipe stands it really is a refreshing, minty ice cream. Super after a heavy meal...or any time really! Update: I attempted to decrease the fat by using 1/2 and 1/2. Won't do that again. It makes it gritty and grainy and not a good texture. BUT by shaving the chocolate it literally will melt in your mouth (must use milk choc tho) and deceasing the vanilla to 1/2 tsp and mint to 3/4 tsp makes it mellow minty--YUM! This is a KEEPER recipe. Thanks!
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10 Jul 2008
We had issues with the peppermint extract in this recipe. I was looking for something that tasted like the kind of mint chocolate chip ice cream you buy in the store, but it did not. My husband said it tasted "weird". We tried again, this time with mint extract instead of peppermint, and what a difference. Much better with mint extract!
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16 Apr 2007
Reviewed by: Emily
This was fabulous! Better than store-bought. I did substitute whole milk for the 2% just because I had some that I wanted to use up. For the chocolate, I used a bar of Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate that I chopped up using my Pampered Chef food chopper. I tried chopping the chocolate in the food processor, but it just pulverized some of it and left the rest in big chunks. The key to this ice cream is getting the chocolate in small chunks...almost like shavings. Big chunks are too hard to bite into when it's frozen. Will definitely make this again!
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25 Jan 2006
Reviewed by: Love2c0ok
This ice cream is REALLY good. I also made Cookies 'n Cream ice cream instead of using chocolate chips I used crushed oreo's and i used vanilla extract in the place of the mint extract. It was also very delicious!
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02 Nov 2009
Reviewed by: Jajam
I don't understand all the raters who changed this recipe and then gave it 5 stars, or didn't like it, said they would change it next time and still gave 5 stars. I have made a lot of ice cream over 30 years, and this is the only batch I have ever not liked. Mini chocolate chips were waxy, hard and gritty. The mouth full of grit made it impossible to taste any creaminess in the base. I should add that my husband is a chocolate chip freak and will eat just about anything with chips on or in it. I used Schilling peppermint flavor, and even cutting it down to 3/4 tsp., it tasted weird not minty. Let me not forget...way too salty. If you made and liked a different recipe in place of this, please point us to the one you actually made and give this the mark it deserves unaltered. If you think your changes rate a 5, just put that in your own comments, not the rating please.
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