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Lovely Lemon Tart

This is a lovely tart dessert I garnish slices with double cream, a strawberry fan and a sprig of mint.
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29 Sep 2008
Something else. Instead of one large dish, i poured the mixture into a bunch of small tart shells - it turned out wonderfully!
12 Aug 2010
Reviewed by: mermaid8mermaid
this is sooo yummy that i made it twice in a week. the first time was for my daughter to take to school for a morning tea...apparently is got devoured with people fighting over it. and the teacher asked me for the recipe. it is super easy to make and i will make it again and again (although mine did not really resemble the picture). thankyou for sharing it. it goes great with whipped cream.
29 Sep 2008
Reviewed by: Nomadic Missy
I like to have something lemon for dessert on Easter, and since I don't do meringue well I decided to try this in place of lemon meringue pie. I expected something more like a pie, which this is not. However, my review is based on the actual product, not my expectations. I thought the taste of the lemon was excellent--nice and tart. I think the secret to the pastry is rubbing the butter in well and pressing the crumbs down firmly to form the base. I thought the pastry was a little too sweet. Personally, I don't think the lemon layer is thick enough in relation to the base, and if I made this again I might double the filling amount.
15 Mar 2011
KarenR said:
Something else. Altered cooking time to 25 min in my oven - others may find that it takes longer to cook properly in the middle
29 Sep 2008
Reviewed by: EMCPHERSON
This is great! I made it in an 20x20 glass dish and it turned out perfectly. I cooked mine for EXACTLY 15 minutes in a gas oven and it was just right. One time I left it in there for closer to 20 minutes and it wasn't great, but still edible. Thanks!
24 Apr 2012
Reviewed by: Mu
absolutely divine! I have made this tart three times now and every time it comes out perfect. Tastes delicious and so easy to make. Thanks for posting this recipe.
29 Sep 2008
Reviewed by: ROOH
Quick and delicious. I baked mine in an 20x20 square pan and cut them into 12 servings.
18 Jun 2014
Reviewed by: JuliePickett
Won't be making this again; the base was too difficult to press into tart tin
18 May 2014
Reviewed by: Johbuckley
This recipe is so easy it's definitely in my "keepers" list. We did make a couple of changes though. Used half lemon, half lime and doubled the pastry component as we used quite a large pie dish. The next one however I would reduce the sugar by about a third. Yummy recipe, thanks.
21 Nov 2013
Reviewed by: Lululikesit
I needed to make one and a half times the pastry recipe for it to cover a 23cm pie shell and pressing it in can take forever. Even using half the amount of sugar for the filling it was still too sweet. Came out rubbery! If I make it again I'll cut the castor sugar down to 100grams and halve the amount of flour in the filling recipe. Another french recipe I tried only had 1 tsp of flour for the filling - just enough to make it firm.


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