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Sugar Syrup for Drinks and Cocktails

Sugar syrup is a commonly used ingredient in many cocktails and other drink recipes. It's also easy to make!
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04 Jun 2011
cocktaildude said:
Altered ingredient amounts. This can be made in several ways. It is all dependant on the ratio of sugar to water you would use. Instead of a 50/50 ratio try a 60/40 ratio with each ingredient being dominante. The 60/40 sugar version would be a richer syrup while the 60/40 water syrup would be a thinner less sweet version. It is dependant on your customers or friends drinking cocktails with you some people like more sweet some people like less sweet. Also use different sugars for different flavours...try raw sugar or brown sugar the only difference is that raw and brown sugar HAVE TO BE BOILED because they do not dissolve as readily as white sugar will. With the white sugar syrup you really do not need to boil can just use hot water and stir in the sugar. Good luck
11 Feb 2006
Reviewed by: Island Girl
I worked in a famous Italian Bakery visted by even movie stars and this was their now not so secret way of keeping their cakes fresh and moist! They made it by the gallons and added oranges cut in half during the boiling process. They also added amaretto licqure to it. They kept it in a bottle (wine or pop bottle will do) and sprinkled it on both the centre and top layers before icing. Just add a sprinkle to make it moist-don't soak it or you'll have a gross soggy cake. Good Luck!
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03 Jun 2002
I use this syrup to brush on cake layers for extra moisture. I just flavor it to taste with whatever - whiskey, vanilla, almond, liqueur - whatever! I store mine in the refrgerator since it seems to get modly if left out.
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02 Sep 2001
It was easier and faster to prepare this myself than to run up to the store to buy it!! I made it in less than 4 or 5 minutes. Also, since it's equal parts of sugar and water, it's easy to remember for future!
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13 Jul 2005
Reviewed by: GENELLEB
I made this specifically for iced tea. My kids used to heap sugar by the wheelbarrow into their bitter iced tea. Now, with this, I can monitor how much sugar actually goes into the tea. I added a few drops of lemon juice, and it's great. Thanks for the recipe Shaggy!
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15 Jul 2002
Reviewed by: SNEETERS
This is really easy! just pour out as much as you plan on using, or else you get crumbs in it and have to throw the rest away. A great way to put moisture on your cakes.
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06 May 2008
Reviewed by: MOLLE888
I needed simple syrup to make mojitos the same way we make them at my bar, and this is the same recipe we use, with one exception... if you want that pretty golden color that you might associate with syrup, try using "Sugar in the Raw" (the brown, large grained, unbleached sugar) instead of white sugar. The syrup is a beautiful golden brown and a little thicker this way. My mojitos turned out great using this recipe, but you get a more syrupy texture and taste if you use "Sugar in the Raw". Just a note!
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11 Mar 2004
Reviewed by: JOSIE
I made this...just for the heck of it and ended up using it in my iced tea. It's quick and easy to remember. I like the idea of brushing this between cake layers. Thanks for sharing.
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25 May 2005
Very easy to make. It lasts awhile in the fridge too.
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27 Nov 2002
Thanks for clearing up the mystery, Shaggy! Now I'll save all kinds of money on something so simple!
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