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Chicken Stew, Spanish Style

A thick, spicy and warming stew. Serve with bread, rice or couscous for a warming meal on a cold day!
Reviews (63)

17 Aug 2011
tutor said:
Using all the ingredients (without the water) I cooked this in the slow cooker (4 hours. Easy to prepare and delicious.
09 Nov 2009
jesstar1181 said:
I have made this many times since I found the recipe earlier in the year. A real winner, when my family in law comes over I leave out the chorizo as they dont eat it but love it either way. It is not a recipe you need to do a couple times to get it right. Real simple and the outcome is special.
01 Aug 2012
Reviewed by: Daimon
this is delicious! Didnt add water, put extra paprika and a lot of chilli powder and added 5 minutes to grill the chicken to give it a nice color. Very yummy!
18 May 2011
Reviewed by: want2learn
Yep a family fav now ... and sooo easy to make.
07 Aug 2010
sldavey said:
Altered ingredient amounts. I didn't think it was spicy enough, so I added more paprika and pepper and I used 2 real chillies (unseeded). I'm going to use 3-4 chillies next time.
07 Aug 2010
Reviewed by: sldavey
Really delicious and easy to make. For those who like extra spice, add more paprika and chillies and pepper. I used 6 chicken thigh fillets with the same ingredients elsewhere.
15 May 2010
Reviewed by: Brown-eyed-girl
Very easy, I used chicken thigh meat for this but bone in would have been better for even more flavour. I fried all the ingredients in a pot first & then transfered to a slow cooker. I did not add 500mls of water or remove the was delicious!
30 Mar 2009
davidrobbie said:
Altered ingredient amounts. added celery
22 Jun 2010
steelyjoe said:
Very easy dish to prepare. Chillies gave it a great kick for a winter warmer. Will definately serve again.
12 Oct 2009
Reviewed by: Cooper
A hearty spicy stew that the whole family enjoyed ! Will make it again .....


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