American Turducken

    5 hours

    This is a turkey stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken stuffed with dressing. The birds need to be boned for this so you may need to find a good butcher. You will also need toothpicks and kitchen string for this recipe.

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    Serves: 12 

    • 1 1/2 kg whole chicken, boned
    • salt and pepper to taste
    • Creole or alternatively Mexican seasoning to taste
    • 2 kg duck, boned
    • 8 kg turkey, boned
    • 3 cups prepared sausage and oyster dressing

    Preparation:1hour  ›  Cook:4hours  ›  Ready in:5hours 

    1. Preheat oven to 190 degrees C. Lay the boned chicken skin-side down on a platter and season liberally with salt, pepper and choice of seasoning.
    2. Lay the boned duck skin-side down on top of the chicken and season liberally with salt, pepper and choice of seasoning. Cover and refrigerate.
    3. Lay the boned turkey skin-side down on a flat surface. Cover with a layer of cold sausage and oyster Dressing and push the dressing into the leg and wing cavities so they will look as if they still have bones in them.
    4. Lay the duck on top of the turkey skin-side down and cover it with a layer of cold dressing. Lay the chicken on top of the duck skin-side down and cover it with a layer of cold dressing.
    5. With the help of an assistant, bring the edges of the turkey skin up and fasten them together with toothpicks. Use the kitchen string to lace around the toothpicks to help hold the stuffed turkey together. Carefully place the turducken, breast up in a large roasting pan.
    6. Roast covered for 4 hours or until the turducken is golden brown. Continue to roast uncovered for 1 hour or until a meat thermometer inserted through the thigh registers 180 C. and a thermometer inserted through the stuffing registers 160 C.
    7. Check the turducken every few hours to baste and remove excess liquid. There will be enough pan juices for a gallon of gravy. Carve and serve.

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    Altered ingredient amounts. This is a great recipe. Absolutely key is keeping the skin on each bird in tact and free from holes. If you do tear it you need to stitch it up or your turducken can become very dry. Also, a layer of stuffing between each bird can help keep it moist. I like plum and walnut stuffing between the turkey and duck and orange and sichuan between the chicken and the duck.  -  26 Jul 2009


    Used 4# chicken 6# duck 24# turkey. Remove lot of the chicken skin duck fat/skin. Leave the wings &legs bones in the turkey for show. Made 3 diff stuffings POTATO STUFFING(boiled mashed taters~5#-1 stick butter-6 eggs-6-8 stalks celary chopped-1-1.5 bags of bread cubes-S&P) BREAD STUFFING(1 lg can broth-1 med onion chopped-7 stalks celary chopped-poultry seasoning- boil -pour over 2 loaves torn up bread-S&P) RICE STUFFING(2 boxes U Ben's Wild and Long Grain Rice-4.5 C Broth-Shredded carrots-Chopped celary-small onion chopped-poultry seasoning to taste-2 small pkgs of dried cranberries). Work on lg cookie sheet-Start with S&P both sides each bird -turkey put small amt layer potato on the turkey. duck and place on turkey. add sm amt rice on duck. Put chicken on duck & add sm amt bread. Fold each bird up around & someone tress up bird w/ cooking twine. put the roaster over the bird and flip everything over birdzilla is now breast side up in roaster. Roast covered @ 325F ~5-6 hrs (or til internal temp of chicken stuffing is 165F) place 4 metal skewers into center of chicken help conduct heat. Make sure you check bird every hrs or so & remove excess liquid in pan or it will boil/fry. Take foil off pan to brown the bird &replace if needed to finish cooking. Ours took 5 hrs and was completely cook. We did not baste it &it came out very juicy and moist. Let the bird sit at room temp for an hour. Tasted fantastic & even the left over white meat was moist and delicious days later.  -  28 Nov 2006  (Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)


    The Turducken was tremendous, and less work than we anticipated. The butcher boned the birds, which, unless you're Jacque Pepin, is the only way to go. It's your typical thanksgiving turkey, only thrice as nice! Actually, nicer still b/c with the birds all boned, the potentially destructive art of carving is removed: you slice straight through the layers of poultry and stuffing. It's like rouladen or a yule log. The ONLY downside: the price. We got ours at WholeFoods, and the pricetag really put the po' in poultry three ways. Leftovers for days, though. I would NOT drink red burgundy or Oregon Pinot Noir with this again. It was better with a bolder wine: Exceptional with a Spanish Ribera del Duero.  -  25 Nov 2007  (Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)