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African Chicken Stew

This is a delicious stew that has a basic peanut butter, cumin, garlic and chilli sauce that can then be varied with a range of vegetables or beans.
Reviews (417)

18 Jul 2008
njmom said:
Something else. Wow - was this easy and delicious! And anything that my picky son eats, I will surely make again. My husband couldn't stop complimenting the dish while he was eating. I put it together just slightly differently. I sauteed carrots, celery, and onions with sweet potatoes. I eye-balled the peanut butter and tasted as I put it in. I also used homemade chicken stock instead of water. The other reviewers complained that it was spicy, yet bland, so I dredged the boneless thighs I used in a mixture of flour, cumin, ground corriander, salt & pepper before cooking in a little olive oil. I did also let this sit for a day before serving. Easy and delicious. Just the way I like it! Thanks so much for the post!
18 Jul 2008
RachelY said:
Altered ingredient amounts. OK, so my husband & I are used to the real thing, having spent time in Sierra Leone, so I kept my expectations low. But it was really good!! I doubled the spices (always do), so it had a good kick. Also used chicken stock instead of water, & added carrots, & used sweet potatoes rather than regular ones. Otherwise kept the recipe the same. Will definitely do it again.
18 Jul 2008
OSHUNS said:
Used different ingredients. i was nervous to make this, but it was very very good. i used pork instead of chicken because i was too lazy and it was already diced. i used chicken stock instead of water, and adding a tbsp of dark brown sugar, as well as a tsp of cayenne. i went half on the chillies and added carrots and two tomatoes. eaten with baguette, it was quite exotic and marvelous. an absolute must: topping with fresh coriander before serving. will make again for sure.
11 Jul 2010
Reviewed by: listry
lovely and tasty, did sprinkle a few chopped toasted peanuts on top
25 May 2010
Reviewed by: Kelahan
Was really good, my partner and step daughter loved. In his case it was his first time tasting chickpeas!!
25 May 2010
Kelahan said:
Altered ingredient amounts. Used only half a tablespoon of peanut butter and also added a teaspoon of tomato paste
03 Apr 2010
emberlie said:
Altered ingredient amounts. Double spices! Leah was creating a dish that would appeal to Aussie tastes but I love it more spicy! Gorgeous dish. Oh and I used 2kg chicken drums and didn't bone them so the meat is falling off the bone gorgeously. Aded carrots too and used non cooked chick peas but pre cooked. Gorgeous!
05 Jan 2010
Reviewed by: mrs.adean
LOVED this!!! My husband had 3 servings and took the rest to work. I made more then the recipe called for so I could make his lunch for the next day.
05 Jan 2010
Reviewed by: leathal711
I really enjoyed this, however, mine ended up a little dry so I would probably add a bit more water/chicken stock next time. Was very nice with sweet potato so thanks for the tweak! Deboning the chicken was the hard part - would buy it already done next time
18 Mar 2014
Reviewed by: Nays33
This is one of my absolute faves for winter. I've been making it for a while from this recipe and it's just to-die-for! I always use chicken thigh fillets and fresh birds eye chillis and it just melts in the mouth! I love the sweet potato and chickpeas in this dish, adds a real feeling of satiety after devouring it. Give it a go! You won't regret it!


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